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Felix Mennen

Full Stack Developer. DevOps Wizard. Blogger.

Hello, World!

I'm Felix Mennen, also known as @xz3dev on Twitter.

I'm a seasoned software engineer with an interest in full stack development and a deep understanding of GitLab CI, GitHub Actions, and the multi-platform framework Flutter. Since 2014, I've been navigating the dynamic landscape of technology, specializing in web and mobile development, and DevOps.

One of my recent side projects is Build Companion, an app designed to keep you in the loop with your build logs. It gathers logs from multiple sources and providers, sends mobile notifications for notable events, and even provides AI-generated summaries for quick error detection. Whether you're using multiple CI providers or just want to stay updated in real time, Build Companion has got you covered.

This blog is my platform to share insights, experiences, and the occasional anecdote from my journey in the tech world. Here, you'll find a mix of tutorials, tips, and deep-dives into the latest trends and technologies.

So, whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting your tech journey, welcome to my corner of the internet. Let's learn, grow, and build something amazing together. 🚀